Don’t Leave Your Bond Hanging. Our Adelaide End-Of-Lease Cleaning Gets It Back, Guaranteed

Want to move out of your Adelaide rental, without the headache? If your real estate agent isn’t happy, we’ll re-clean for free. That’s our bond-back guarantee*!

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100% Bond back guarantee

5-star average rating

Leave Your Lease. Take Your Bond.

Moving sucks. You have to pack up your whole life and take every last speck of dust with you. Then, you do a song and dance for the agent, just to get your bond back.

Our Adelaide end-of-lease cleaning takes that headache away. In just 60 seconds you can book a fixed-price quote with one of our reliable, experienced cleaners. Real estate agents love our work so much, we guarantee* they’ll give your bond back!

We’ll Clean Your Place So Well, You’ll Want To Stay

The secret to our end-of-lease cleaning success is our unique 42-point checklist. We code each room using our ‘Triple Tier’ system, so your rental gets a sparkling clean from top to bottom.

Our checklist also ticks every box of the REISA’s strict criteria, ensuring our clients get their bond back every time. The only problem is, you might want to move back in once we’re done!

Before & After Photos That Keep The Agent Off Your Back

Worried your real estate agent will give you grief? We take before-and-after photos of your, so you don’t have to. Simply show your agent our handiwork, and your bond will come back faster than a tradie driving to the pub on a Friday afternoon!

Our Friendly Team Of Professionals Make Your Bond Clean Easy As Pie

‘Triple Tier’ System & 42-Point Checklist

We train all our team in our unique ‘Triple Tier’ system and 42-point checklist, so your rental property is cleaned to the highest possible standards.

No Hidden Fees Or Charges

We’ll take a look at your rental and give an affordable, fixed-price quote. You can make a budget and stick to it, without a nasty surprise when you get the bill.

Police Checked & Insured

Last thing you can afford is a disaster on exit day! Our team are insured for up to $10 million liability, to cover you from any unlikely accidents.

Times That Suit Your Schedule

In a rush? We can work around your schedule, and even clean when you’re not there. Your end-of-lease move will be a whole lot less hectic.

Compliant With The REISA’s Criteria

Know the most common agent complaints about bond cleans? We do. And we meet all of REISA’s cleaning criteria, to give you complete peace of mind.

5+ Years Of Experience

With 100s of jobs done and dusted, our team knows what it takes to get your bond back. Trust us – this ain’t our first rodeo!

From Carpet Steaming To Oven Scrubbing, We Do
What Your End-Of-Lease Clean Needs

  • Hard-Wood Floors
  • Carpets
  • Tiles
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Surfaces
  • Dust & Cobwebs
  • Wall Marks
  • Ovens and stovetops
  • Cabinets, Cupboards, & Wardrobes
  • Windows
  • Sinks And Toilets
  • Plus much, much more

Stress-Free Bond Cleaning That’s Perfect For Busy Adelaide Renters

If you have a rental property around Adelaide that needs a clean, our experienced team can help! We provide house cleaning services to the following areas:

Why Adelaide Residents And Real Estate Agents Love Kleaner Space...

You’re Protected By Our Bond-Back Guarantee*

We have such confidence in our ‘Triple Tier’ cleaning system & 42-point checklist that we offer a bond-back guarantee. Simply slide our details to your real estate agent when you hand over the keys. In the extremely unlikely event that they’re unhappy, they can call us within 72 hours and we’ll re-clean the problem areas free of charge. That’s how we go above and beyond to put the bond money back in your pocket!
*Terms and conditions apply


Book A Cleaner In 60 Seconds And We’ll Give You A
Free, Fixed-Price Quote

Because no two places are the same, our free, no-obligation quote is tailored to your rental property. Book your fixed-price quote below or call our friendly team on +61 433540011

FAQs About Our End-Of-Lease Cleaning

How much does it cost to do a bond clean?
Depends on how big your place is! We provide a custom, on-site quote tailored to your rental property. That’s the best way to give you an accurate, fair quote, unlike online or over-the-phone quotes which almost always incur a hidden charge (we’ve all been there!).
How long does it take?
To guarantee you get your bond back, it’s critical to clean thoroughly without cutting corners. To give you an idea, the average 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom home will take approximately 7 hours. Yours could be quicker, or longer, depending on the size and cleanliness.
Does the house need to be empty / unfurnished?
Yes, please. We need the furniture out before we can start the clean. A clear place helps us be more time-efficient and keep your costs down. Plus, it allows us to honour our liability warranty, should the need arise.
Do I need to be home during the clean?
We ask that you’re present when we arrive and when we come back for the final walk-through – but during the clean, you’re free as a bird! We’ll send you a text we’re on our way and when we’re 30 minutes from finishing. That way, we fit in with your schedule while you get on with your day.
Should I leave the electricity / water on?
Yes, please – we’ll need access to water and electricity to wash, scrub, and vacuum your place!
Can you let the agent know you cleaned?
Sure can! We can inform the property agent of the clean date and time, and we can organise a key pick and drop-off for a small additional fee.
What methods do you follow?
We’ve developed our own unique ‘Triple Tier’ system and 42-point checklist. It ticks off every box of the standardized REISA checklist, which is exactly what real estate agents use to scan the property during their final inspection. That’s how you can be sure to pass with flying colours.
What does your bond-back guarantee* cover?
Our bond back guarantee* is valid for 72 hours. More than enough time for your real estate agent to check out the property and let us know if they’re not satisfied. If they aren’t, we’ll come back to re-clean any problem areas free of charge. You can get the complete details of our guarantee in our terms and conditions.


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